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Capacity Building /Change Management

We encourage organizations to conduct a realistic assessment of their readiness for change, and then help them map out how to grow, shift, and direct organizational energy and resources, whether that means enhancing capacity of current efforts, or preparing to embark on a new direction.


“Lisa gently but firmly guided us to decisions and her background in training, technology and nonprofits was invaluable.” 

Strategic Planning/ Program Development

We partner with individual leaders and organizations to strategize how to achieve intended results of new initiatives. We help groups clarify priorities, goals and objectives; imagine possibilities within their capacity; and develop effective, sustainable projects that take into account staff and organizational implications of new endeavors.

Meeting Facilitation

We provide skilled meeting planning, agenda design, goals and outcomes planning and facilitation for short- and long-term dialogues such as creative brainstorming sessions, strategic planning retreats, and coalition gatherings and workgroups.


Leadership Development/Coaching

Through assessment and reflective practices, we guide emerging and seasoned leaders in an exploration of their leadership style and their potential impact on others. Insights about motivations, work styles, unique strengths, and areas for potential growth, provide leaders opportunities to grow, to manage themselves and their programs/organizations more effectively, and to improve both the quality of their interactions with others and their own work experience.

Team Building

By applying models of group dynamics and group development, we help groups maximize their strengths and identify where they need to grow. Team Building results in improved team effectiveness and a more rewarding group experience for all team members, which in turn enhances staff retention and commitment.


Coalition Building

Process Matters, LLC has a special area of expertise maximizing the success of diverse stakeholder groups who come together to advance a common cause. Whether you are in a two-organization partnership, or a large national coalition, Process Matters can help you identify and leverage strengths, avoid common pitflls and work through the inevitable challenges of interdependant projects.

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