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How We Work

The Parachute Fantasy:

Client calls consultant 2 weeks before a scheduled event. They have no time to meet you to plan, but hope you can parachute in and perform a series of small miracles.

Process Matters doesn’t specialize in parachute consulting.  The following diagrams reflect our philosophy and approach.

Common Client Assumptions about
scope of work & how time will be spent

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More complete scope of work
& how time is usually (& better) spent.

Piechart showing Common Client Assumptions
Piechart showing more complete scope of work re: how time is usually better spent.

Our approach helps clients:

  • FOCUS on what the most important conversations are  
  • CLARIFY the intended outcomes of those conversations,  
  • IDENTIFY who needs to have those conversations, and  
  • DESIGN how we can best have those conversations.


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