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Goal- AND People-Centered

Our goal is always to help you get  RESULTS, but that does not mean we will support you working “tasks” 100% of the time.  Best results come when people are more free to bring their creativity, their brilliance, their humor – their selves – to work. If we think that you are in your own way -- more than environmental factors, competitors, politics etc. --  we will call your attention to it. Investments in individuals and in improved staff communication and interaction increases people’s understanding of themselves and their colleagues, strengthens everyone’s investment in work and each other, and provides staff with revived passion and rejuvenating energy. This energy advances organizational goals.

Open and Evaluative

We believe workplaces and client-consultant relationships need to be safe arenas to question, to express doubt, and to “hold” conflict.   These are natural responses to change; in fact, the absence of any conflict is a sure sign that something is amiss – lack of engagement at the very least.  We ask clients to acknowledge that there may be difficult conversations and to commit to getting through them.  We say what I see, and ask clients to do the same. We also invite feedback through frequent evaluation so that we can make adjustments to continually improve our consulting relationship.


We offer expertise from a planning and process perspective and remain open to questions and suggestions to tailor our work to your culture.  We propose decision-making processes, but leave decision-making up to clients. Clients who make informed choices have more clarity, more ownership of the end product, and more accountability for implementation.

Committed to Skills Building

We share our rationale and transfer knowledge and skills that enable clients to work more effectively on their own when our consulting relationship comes to a close.

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